Tuesday, 25 November 2014

And the journey starts

This is my first dabble in a blog so hello to all

My interest in 3D printing started quite by accident.  I purchase Austodesk Inventor and included with the CAD package was an UP! Mini 3D printer.  It sat in the box for about 3 months as I could not think of any reason I would have need of or use a 3D printer.  Fast forward to the Christmas holidays and bordem, I opened the box, set it up and started printing parts for Mountain bike lights I build and I haven't stopped printing since.  I was and still am amazed at what we can produce with our printers and just how quickly and idea can be brought to life.

So this brings me to where I am now.  As great as the UP! Mini is I have always wanted something bigger to save having to print multiple parts and glueing them together. The other problem with a smaller print area is it can meke it difficult to orientate your print job so it has the greatest strength buy taking advantage of the layer direction .   To that end I have spent quite some time over the past few weeks researching printers available today.  I could have gone the simpler route and build a standard cartesian printer but loving delta robots decided on making a Delta 3D printer.  There is just something about the theatre of the way they move and having a static stage to print on make sence when higher speeds are desired.

More to come

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